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Medina Guided Tour – Fes Inspiration

Medina Guided Tour

Daily Tour Half Day
Fès, Maroc Fes

On a trip into history, Fes Inspiration would introduce you to the rich culture hidden in every corner of the medina of Fes city. Lose yourself in the narrow alleyways streets of the ancient Medina, and discover the ancient history of Fes the old city.



  • Transportation from and to your hotel/Riad in an air conditioned car.
  • Professional English speaking driver
  • Local guide to lead you through the gardens

  • Entrance fees.

What to Expect

  • Discover the Moroccan oldest Medina of Fes city.
  • Enter the walls of the Medina, and learn more about the rich culture and ancient history.
  • Explore Fes with it ancestral history and culinary art.
  • Visit the museums, and authentic monuments such as Medrassas, Cynagogs & the oldest Library on earth.


On Fes Medina Guided Tour, your multilingual Driver will meet you at your Hotel, then drive you towards The ancient Medina.


We will enter the old Medina from its majestic Blue Gate “Bab Boujloud”, getting into the history and alluring charm of the medina, and discovering its colorful alleyways and rich tapestry of life. The Blue Gate is the iconic portal to the ancient Medina, decorated with fascinating Mosaic work, and mesmerizing Blue Moroccan Tiles, that perfectly turns to green at the other side of the entry.


During your Medina walking tour, you will witness a new world going back to the 9th century, walking through its old, breezy narrow streets. The streets of the Medina are all lined with captivating small shops, selling the most beautiful Moroccan handicrafts, and handmade Moroccan Items; as you can find everything, literally everything in the authentic Medina. You would be also able to enjoy the most delicious street food and flavored Moroccan dishes.


After that, your professional guide would take you through the old Madrasas as The Bou Inania Medersa, and the University of Al Qarawiyyin (the oldest university in the world), to get stunned by the most sophisticated, classical Moroccan architecture.

Then, we will pursue our Fes Medina Guided Tour towards Chouara Tannery, the spectacular oldest Tannery, where real leather is being naturally shaped and colored, giving the most beautiful and original leather items; as bags, jackets, purses…

After exploring the ancient history of the old Medina, we would climb up to the mysterious ruins of The Merenid Tombs dating back to the 14th, to have the most beautiful overlook on the whole Medina.

At the end of your Medina Guided Tour, we will take you back to your Hotel/Riad.

Fes is Morocco's oldest city. A marvelous medieval city with the ancient monuments and incredibly beautiful gardens. While walking through the streets of its old Medina, you would feel the hidden history and rich culture of every corner.
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