Moroccan Arts and Craftworks

The Arabic crafts of Morocco are heavily influenced by the cultural cross-section. That dated back to centuries of interaction between Islamic and African people as well as the alliance of moors and Spaniards.

Moroccan art and crafts are uniquely brilliant. They have shaped the experience of wide range of travelers. Despite their originality and beauty; Moroccan arts are not widely appreciated out of the region. The country unique geographic location made it to be a major cross road of trade between Africa; the Middle East, and Europe.

Much of the early influence of Moroccan arts and crafts derives from the Berber tribes which inhabited the region for many centuries. These artistic traditions are traced from the rural areas of the country. In addition, they can be seen in carpet weaving, jewelry, leather, and pottery handmade works.

The beautiful decoration traced in the Moroccan carpets and potteries are Berber tribal symbols. That holds a deep spiritual meaning. Visiting the Moroccan arts and crafts workshops is an art in itself. Because of the fact that artisans take enormous pride in the work that they are doing. So, when visiting a pottery; jewelry; carpet, leather, or tanneries workshops, you are not simply shopping in stores. Rather, you are residing in the life style of Moroccan’s.

The heart and soul that are part of their work are gift to be treasured. These physical gifts are one part of a bigger picture of Moroccan life style. Not to mention, these artworks are being made up of culinary traditions and a deep devotion to Islam and the Muslim world.

When an individual experiences all of these facets of this beautiful land; it makes it a journey deep within the mind spirit and body. In morocco we appreciate life; LOVE, and GOD.  ALL of this can be clearly seen in the art and crafts that Moroccans bring to the world.







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