Al Quarawiyyine Library is one of the treasures of Morocco. It is considered the oldest functioning library in the world. It was founded and restored by a famous cleaver woman called Fatima Al Fihri.

The library was founded in 859 in a labyrinth of streets in the Moroccan city of Fes.

With a sculpted dark wooden door and urban architecture; Al Quarawiyyine library has gained much popularity and attention from Moroccan’s as well as foreigners.

When it first launched, the library was only reserved for theologians and academics. But, thanks to successive renovations, it was now accessible for the worldwide public.

A must see spot that represent a long rich history and that was once the center of intellectual life for centuries. Since, approximately 40% of the Moroccan population is illiterate; Al Quarawiyyine provides facilitated manuscripts for them to be able to look at instead of reading books.

Not to mention, it has an extraordinary urban architecture with a mixture of different styles. Al Quarawiyyine Library is a must see historical landmark when visiting Morocco.


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