Archives April 2, 2019

One day with a Metal Craftsman


I have spent unforgettable one day tour with a Metal craftsman at FES city. Fes Inspiration allows me to have a close look at metal making. Metal smith making is such a long and difficult process.

The smith beats the metal when it’s hot and soft. He shapes it into a knife scissors or needles for embroidery and sewing.

He emerges the hot metal into water and this strengthens the item he’s making

He keeps beating the metal until he has the desired item. He repeats the heating, beating, and water dipping for about many times.

It is a long hot process…..

Finally, he will sharpen the knife, the scissors, etc on the store which is foot operated. That is by using water to lubricate it as he sharpens.

All the artisans’ income comes from their handmade crafts. Such as the sieving, sharpen, weaving; shoe making copper, and brass works.

All done by hand…. this is their only means of income.

Join me on my next tour for more fun!…



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